B.Sc Biotechnology Mock 1

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B.Sc Biotechnology Mock 1


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  1. Total Questions: 50
  2. Quiz Categories: B.Sc Biotechnology
  3. Question Categories: Biology
  4. Total Time: 60 Minutes
  5. Only for Registered users
  6. For Courses: All

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  1. Farhat

    Im come here for boosting my entrance preperation.thnku for this for.hepling us.

  2. Kayenat

    How to give mock test

    1. ShadanQuiz

      you need to do registration by message on whatsapp 8409608280

  3. Kumar Sourav

    From where I will sign up

    1. ShadanQuiz

      Share with your friends and if anyone is interested then do tell her/him to join

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